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Energized ⚡ Radiant ⚡ Productive ⚡ Unstoppable

Do you have a Goal that you wish to actualize? Something that you desire to Create and Share with the world? Have you been struggling in the face of this endeavor? Or have you been Soaring through it? Are you exhausted at the end of your day or Pumped Up and Excited for more?!

This is what the Superself Empowerment is all about; giving you the knowledge and resources that you can use to "Super Yourself!"

The truth is, the magic isn't in some technique, formula, or in some secret knowledge that is systematically being kept from you by the forces that be. Jubilant Success is actually quite Easy! (as long as we stay congruent)

The real secret is that you already have everything you need! Your existence is evidence enough to prove that!

Superself exists to show you how to tap into your latent potential. To make the impossible possible, and turn "possibly" into "probably!" That's what humans do isn't it? We Explore, Discover, Learn, Grow, and Create.

I want to help you Discover and Create your Superself. I want to help you become so badass and unstoppable that your goals are just a matter of time. I want to use my resources to help you get in touch with your resources.

Superself also serves as a path-entry program to introduce you to the core practices, view, and orientation of our work at our Self-Mastery and Neigong School.

If you are interested in learning how to structure your Body, Speech, and Mind into a singular Coherent Force of Value Generation, I highly suggest you click the button below.

In Gratitude,
Kelly Lake

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  • Train your Intention and Attention - Destroy habits of Distraction and Pity - Cultivate Heroic Action
  • Let me teach you how to use Breathwork, Qigong, Posture, and Mantra to Increase your Energy and Mental Clarity.
  • Use my Personal Journaling Exercises to structure your Bodymind and Energy into an Unstoppable Creative Force.
  • Beginning Meditation is Easy! Many people have the wrong idea on how to do it. Once you learn it, You will Love It!
  • Learn how to Transform your State, take control of your sensations, and become Sovereign in Life.

What People Are Saying

The Super Self program is amazing in that excellent tools and guidance are provided to help us achieve what we all long for, to become a more fearless and radiant version of ourselves.

Sifu Kelly Lake does not just teach from head knowledge but rather from a deep embodiment of the material and tools. And he does this with humor and an open heart.

Highly recommended.

Ali Nazari - Owner, Mauzari Tooled Leather

The Super Self

"Where you are coming from is where you are going!"

Inside you, ready to wake up, is a Super Hero that is joyous, energized, magnetic, passionate, powerful, inspiring, calm, creative, and unstoppable. 

What I will be sharing with you in this training are the Exercises, Contemplations, Journaling and Meditations that I personally use to create and show up as my "Super self" and generate success in my life.

Also... I will be participating in the challenge along with you! (as I do every day)

Details of the Challenge

Starting September 12th and going until the the 18th Join Me Live on Zoom each morning to begin your day with Clarity, Power, and Passion.

In participating with this challenge you are committing to a Full Week of deliberately Choosing to Show Up as your Super Self; Alive, Alert, and Ready!

You are also Committing to the abandoning of excuse making, justifying, blaming, complaining, fearing, and all of the mindset and habits that work against living a life in which you are Thriving and Generating Success.

Level Up!

This training is not about "fixing" your problems or "coping" with your traumas.

Superself doesn't allow for such a limiting problematic orientation. We want something Better!

This is the art of attaining as quickly as possible, over and over again, a Complete and Radiant Transformation.

Growth, by its very definition, implies No Limit! It's time to Level Up! 

More Praise For Superself

The Super Self Challenge has been such a fun and inspiring way to deepen my Qi Gong practice and to get fired up again about my own personal goals and projects.

Kelly’s careful guidance and reminders are both empowering and approachable. It has been an awesome way to connect with like minded people and to feel that sense of community and support.

I would recommend his class to anyone interested in personal growth and development!

Jun Lee - Certified Badass

Here's What Happens


Sign Up for the Superself Program!

You can jump in right away and checkout the Superself Dashboard. I'll have a video there to greet you and show you how to get started right now and prepare for the One Week Challenge that begins on September 12th, 2022 at 7am PT / 8am MT / 9am CT / 10am ET.


Attend Live Classes or Watch Later!

Every Morning a Zoom Link will be sent out to you that you can click to join. You will pop right into class and we can begin training. Please be ready to go at 8am. The Breath Work at the beginning of class is always very important to getting the most out of the class!


Apply Yourself and Keep Going!

Now that you have some experience in managing your state, showing up as your Superself, and have a tool belt that you can apply, USE IT! The Training won't fail you, the failure is in forgetting to apply yourself or in giving up. Be Vigilant! Remain Sovereign! Become the Dominant Creative Force in your life!

Step Into Your Super Self!

When: (Mondays-Fridays) September 12th to the 18th

Time: 7am PST / 8am MST / 10am EST


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Enrolls you in the September Empowerment

  • 1-Week Training via Zoom
  • Learn Powerful Exercises and Tools
  • Practice Together
  • Become your Super Self


"Endlessly Receive and Transform."