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About the Instructor

Sifu Kelly Ryan Lake D.M.Q. (China) is the Founder and Head Instructor at the Temple of the Original Thunder, a Daoist Academy providing training in Chinese Internal Martial Arts, Qigong Exercise, as well as the Daoist Praxis of Cultivation and Self-Mastery.

As a teacher of these transformative and life enriching arts, Sifu Lake's instruction is highly detailed to make embodying these dynamic practices much easier. Always excited to see new and long-term students, Kelly brings a lot of humor and joy to his classes, maintaining an environment that welcomes all as friend and family.

Abandoning the traditional way of exclusivity and favoritism that is so widely seen in the Martial Arts culture demonstrated by only revealing the secret methods to the select few "Inner Door" Students, Kelly chooses to teach the curriculum in the structure of an open system. Meaning a student is free to progress through the curriculum without having to encounter any obstacles or favoritism by a master.

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