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Baguazhang is an Internal Chinese Martial Art that is known for its coiling movements, elusive footwork, internal power, palm strikes, and the integration of Daoist Philosophy and Meditation.

Multifaceted in its benefits, Baguazhang can be practiced for Health and Fitness, Energy Cultivation, Push Hands, Mental Focus, Self-Defense, Sparring, and Self-Mastery.

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Special Offer: Your first week is free!

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Owner, Conscious Founders Coaching

Sifu Kelly Ryan Lake is one of the most thoughtful teachers I’ve met.

His dedication to the healing arts, martial arts, and Spiritual path is inspirational and illuminating. He easily unpacks the essence of Chinese martial arts training while incorporating his embodied knowledge of Buddhist and Daoist principles. Personally, I’ve benefitted tremendously from Kelly’s dedication, perseverance, and clear, well-structured instruction.

Sifu Kelly is one of the most gifted and best teachers I have encountered in martial arts.

He approaches technique from the point of view of how systems of the body work together to generate power, to enable elasticity, to allow relaxation, to enhance sensitivity -- and he does it in a way that brings ancient traditions of personal alchemy to life in a modern day age.

Our Baguazhang Curriculum


Level 1: Essentials, Foundations, Circle Walking, Coiling Set, & Self-Defense


Level 2: Rooting, Body Conditioning, Qigong, Meditation, & Cultivation


Level 3: Prenatal From, Jiang Rong Qiao Form, & 8 Animal Training Methods


Level 4a: Neigong (part 1), Partner Drills, Push Hands, and Advanced Qigong


Level 4b: Partner Combat Drills, Sparring, & Self-Defense


Level 5: Weapons Forms and Additional Empty Hand Forms


Level 6: Daoist Cultivation, Character Development, and Self-Mastery


Level 7: Neigong (part 2) & Embodying the Art of Baguazhang


Level 8: Becoming a Sifu

Lar C Short

Founder, Grace Essence Mandala

For any of us that are interested in the Internal Martial Arts, I can fully endorse a very skillful and enjoyable teacher who embodies the Inner Principles. This resource is Kelly Lake, who has an online course in Baguazhang.

An important aspect of cultivation is conscious movement of one's body in space. This does have an unconscious competent skill level of good body and posture habits. Movement Work can also increase your situational awareness and open an inner confidence. Some major categories of Movement Work are: Dance, Acrobatics, Calisthenics, Yoga, and Martial Arts.


In the last category of Martial Arts, there are teachers who focus on the structure of the posture and the internal energy flow right from the beginning. With these arts one should have an instructor who embodies the principles, and can effectively hand them on to the students. Those who focus on the external appearance without an understanding of the Internal Work, are missing the most important part even if they look good. This is true of all of the Movement Arts, yet is the key to the Internal Martial Arts. From my background, I have found it easy to recognize when the Inner Skills are present or missing.


Luckily, for any of us that are interested in the Internal Martial Arts, I can fully endorse a very skillful and enjoyable teacher who embodies the Inner Principles. This resource is Kelly Lake, who has an online course in Baguazhang.

About The Instructor,

Sifu Kelly Ryan Lake

Sifu Kelly Ryan Lake D.M.Q. (China) is the Founder and Head Instructor at the Temple of the Original Thunder, a Daoist Academy providing training in Chinese Internal Martial Arts, Qigong Exercise, as well as the Daoist Praxis of Cultivation and Self-Mastery.

As a teacher of these transformative and life enriching arts, Sifu Lake's instruction is highly detailed to make embodying these dynamic practices much easier. Always excited to see new and long-term students, Kelly brings a lot of humor and joy to his classes, maintaining an environment that welcomes all as friend and family.

  • Martial Arts

  • Chinese Medicine & Qigong Therapy

  • Daoism & Self-Mastery

Martial Arts

As a Martial Artist, Kelly specializes in the study of Neigong, focusing on the principles, structures, and qualities of internal training that make up "the engine" of Internal Martial Arts, such as Taijiquan and Baguazhang.

Sifu Lake is also very passionate about applying and pressure testing the Internal Styles. His goal is to contribute to the Chinese Martial Arts community by providing a clear praxis on attaining Internal Ability and how to apply the Classical Styles for Self-Mastery, Health, Energy Cultivation, and Realistic Combat and Sparring.

Kelly began his journey into the Martial arts in his teens. First delving into the martial arts with Traditional Jiujitsu before moving on to a 7 Animal Kenpo hybrid system, Kelly eventually found home in the Internal Martial Arts and had undergone over a decade of tutelage with Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson.

During his apprenticeship with Sifu Jerry Alan Johnson, Kelly had also taken it upon himself to explore the modern styles of combat such as Boxing, MMA, BJJ, and JKD. While not claiming to be an expert of these modern arts, they were crucial in the overall development of Kelly as a Martial Artist. Inspired by these combat arts, Kelly would even work as a Boxing Coach for a couple years while he continued to pursue the path of becoming a Sifu of the Classical Chinese Styles.

Eventually in 2016, Kelly Ryan lake had accomplished a goal he had dreamed of since the beginning of his tutelage and had become a certified Sifu in the arts of Baguazhang and Taijiquan.

Today, Sifu Kelly Ryan Lake continues to challenge himself in the domain of Martial Arts and fitness. Refusing to stagnate in his development, Sifu Lake continues to absorb any lesson on neigong, combat, sparring, and self-defense that he can find. He is currently recording lessons and filming his live classes for his distant students via his online programs. 

Baguazhang Online - Teaser

Demo of Structure & Quality in Push Hands

2019 JKDAA Expo - Baguazhang and Monkey Demo

The Eight Animals of Baguazhang Freestyle Demo

Sifu Lake is an expert-level teacher who's dedication shows up in the curriculum he delivers to his students.

Having received an authentic lineage, he has gone on to put in the time and effort which leads to true mastery, experimenting tirelessly to make the lineage practice his own.

Kelly's enthusiasm for the art combines with skillful instructional technique. Breaking methods and principles down into their basic elements so that students can effectively integrate them.

Modern learners will find a powerful resource in his curriculum. Not only because of the convenience of the online interface, but because he takes the best of traditional practice, and cuts through to its essence - potentially saving years of effort on one's path to mastery.

As a school-brother, and training partner with Sifu Lake for many years, I can attest to his warm-hearted inclusiveness, brutally effective martial prowess, and dedication to further developing these priceless traditions.

Also Included with your Membership:

Coming Soon to the Temple of the Original Thunder

Learn Qigong and add to your toolbelt a variety of exercises, techniques, and "out of pocket" methods that you can use to Cultivate Radiant Health, Raise your Energy Levels, Enrich your Sleep, Improve Sex Drive & Performance, Enhance Athleticism, Calm & Relax your Body-Mind, and Invoke states of Joy and Creativity.

Coming Soon to the Temple of the Original Thunder

Embark on The Way and begin Discovering Who you are and Mastering the use of What you are. This class is a path-entry level of training for those wishing to develop a strong foundation in the Daoist Praxis of Meditation, Cultivation, and Open Way of Being. Begin your Journey into the Way of Wonder today.

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  • 135+ Videos in our Baguazhang Library
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  • Access with our Recorded Live Class Library
  • "facebook-like" Community Forum
  • Learn Neigong, Qigong, and Daoist Meditation and Alchemy
  • Learn Universal Self-Defense, Fighting, in addition to Baguazhang Combat
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Access Baguazhang Online when you sign up today!

  • 135+ Videos in our Baguazhang Library
  • Attend 2x Live Classes per week
  • Access with our Recorded Live Class Library
  • "facebook-like" Community Forum
  • Learn Neigong, Qigong, and Daoist Meditation and Alchemy
  • Learn Universal Self-Defense, Fighting, in addition to Baguazhang Combat


Keep in mind that currently only Level 1 (Modules 1-3) is uploaded as we are re-filming our lessons to meet our standards of quality and to be organized with our 8 Sectioned Curriculum model.

Your Membership also includes recorded live classes

Level 1 (Modules 1-3) contains within it over 135 instructional videos (22+ Hours of Content)

Level 1 includes detailed instruction on the essentials of Structure and Quality that begins your journey into the realm of Neigong and Internal Power, Maintaining Structure & Quality with Movement, Basic Self-Defense, Circle Walking, Footwork Patterns, and 16 Palm Changes taught as a stationary set, adapted onto the circle, and accompanied with fighting applications.

Training Modules will be uploaded regularly. Our goal is to have the entirety of our Baguazhang system filmed and uploaded before the end of 2024.

We would be honored if you would join us in this journey!

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Lifelong Martial Artist

I first met Sifu Kelly in 2016, and boy, do I wish I had met him sooner

I have trained in Bagua and Tai Chi over many years and even traveled to China on three occasions to learn from the masters of these systems.

Training consisted of a lot of time spent on practicing the forms along with some applications, but only the special students received the "secret" teachings, such as the Neigong instruction.

You don't need to do what I did and travel around the world seeking. Sifu Kelly was able to provide me with this training.

Eliza Meeker

Distance Energy Worker

Sifu Kelly Ryan Lake's teaching has depth, breadth, and detail.

Sifu Kelly is a rare teacher who has in-depth training in more than one lineage, and is able to analyze interrelation and among arts and techniques.

His classes are valuable not only in learning the art he teaches, but also for deepening my understanding of martial arts that I studied previously.

One thing I love about Sifu Kelly's teaching is that I can take his teaching of movement and neigong and hack it back into my qigong practice, into my iaido practice, etc...

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