A 12-Hour Weekend Intensive!
January 26 & 27, 2019
Pratka Ranch, Lane City - Near Wharton, Texas

"It is extremely rare to find a teacher who has an in-depth knowledge of this special internal martial arts system; and who can willingly demonstrate its effective combat applications. Doctor Kelly Lake is such a teacher."

Professor Jerry Alan Johnson

D.T.C.M., D.M.Q. (China)

THE SPINNING CAGE OF BAGUAZHANG is a 2-day Intensive Internal Martial Arts Training that is designed to help martial artists discover and cultivate internal power, embody elusiveness, and enhance perceptual awareness.

By reestablishing the foundation, chassis, and engine in which Internal Martial Expression is built upon through practicing Neigong and Shengong via Baguazhang Solo & Partner drills, and with structured Training Progressions we can learn to access the inner secrets of the Internal Arts.

In this workshop you will not only learn patterns, skills, and drills that you can take home, but you will be learning and practicing in such a way that you embody the art and express yourself freely unhindered by physical tension and mental blocks.

What I want you to take with you is a sense of enhanced body mechanics and an enriched quality of being that you can bring with you everywhere you go.

Forms and Drills are of lower priority when compared to the development of Internal Principles.

Principles are constant and can be applied everywhere unlike rules and details that are isolated to a specific art or technique.

If your Martial Arts is built on principles, any shape or move you do is an expression of Internal Power.

The Material taught in this intensive are intended to help you use these principles to discover intrinsic power that can be applied anywhere.

The internal martial arts have an endless well of knowledge, you need someone to guide you and to touch hands with you and show you how, why, and when to apply the principles, concepts and strategies, and I can’t recommend any one more than Sifu Lake.

Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal

JKDAA Founder, Author, Speaker, & High Performance Coach


Accommodations Available

If the commute is difficult or you are flying in from elsewhere, there is affordable accommodations for you and your friends! 

Details Below in FAQ

The Perfect Training Location

Truly the perfect training location for a martial art retreat. So good that my friends at the JKDAA retreat here every year!

Retreat into Nature

Green and by the River. If you love internal arts and are in need of restoration, this is the place to be!


Are you ready to push your limits and go beyond?

Day 1:  (9am – 12pm), (2pm – 5pm)

☼Warm Up and Waking Up

☼Structure and Transference

☼Discovering Intrinsic Quality

☼Maintaining Intrinsic Quality

☼The Parameters of Intrinsic Quality

☼Foot Work & Introduction to Rolling Hands


☼Rolling Hands

☼Rolling Hands Applications

☼Overcome By Yielding, Melting, and “Bobble Hips”
☼Four Count & Applications

☼Cool Down

Day 2:  (9am – 12pm), (2pm – 5pm)

☼Warm Up and Waking Up

☼Deepening Quality of Being

☼Foot Work, Circle Walking, and Palm Changes

☼Installation into rolling hands


☼8 Direction Perception

☼Coming from Contentedness

☼Endlessly Embracing
☼Time Displacement

☼Rolling Hands & Four Count

☼Putting it all together – How to Continue on from Here...
☼Cool Down

Professor Jerry Alan Johnson

D.T.C.M., D.M.Q. (China)

"The ancient Chinese internal martial art system of Baguazhang combines the very best fighting applications of the Buddhist Shaolin and Daoist Wudang monastery traditions. Famous for their elusive coiling dragon patterns and powerful crushing palm ability, the Bagua fighters were often known in ancient China as Rolling Thunder Boxers.

Because many instructors nowadays only teach hand-forms, it is extremely rare to find a teacher who has an in-depth knowledge of this special internal martial arts system; and who can willingly demonstrate its effective combat applications. Doctor Kelly Lake is such a teacher. Not only is he competent in its eight animal martial arts training and applications, but he also embodies the ancient Daoist mystical teachings that originally accompanied this unique martial arts system. The fact that he is a doctor of Chinese energetic medicine seals the deal when searching for an authentic teacher who embodies this ancient Daoist practice.

Dr. Kelly has been studying with me in both group and private classes, and under my careful mentorship has effectively mastered Chinese Internal Martial Arts, esoteric Daoist Mysticism, and Chinese Energetic Medicine. Having trained him for over 10 years, it is with great honor that I highly endorse Dr. Kelly as a Sifu (Master Teacher) in these ancient traditions, and applaud his great achievements as an accomplished teacher and true lineage holder."

Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal

JKDAA Founder, Author, Speaker, & High Performance Coach

Sifu/Dr Kelly Ryan Lake is a rare find. He is the last Disciple of Sifu Jerry Alan Johnson and fully embodies the Martial , Medical, and Mystical teachings of the Daoist Internal Martial Arts. His mastery over internal principles and body mechanics is only second to his ability to teach these secret esoteric principles. His openness and willingness to fight test these principles under stress is a refreshing breath of air. We constantly box, wrestle, and spar these principles to embody them under pressure.

The internal martial arts have an endless well of knowledge, you need someone to guide you and to touch hands with you and show you how, why, and when to apply the principles, concepts and strategies, and I can’t recommend any one more than Sifu Lake. We both belong to the same lineage under Sifu Johnson, and I am blessed to have Sifu Lake in my life, as a dear friend and senior Kung Fu brother. We continue to train, and experiment together, and there is no way I would be able to realize my internal martial arts potential without him.

He is the best Bagua man I Have seen, his movements are smooth, crisp, and powerful. Don’t miss an opportunity to train with a real master that embodies the traditional and is open to the modern.

As a healer and a priest, he is my medical Qigong doctor and my Daoist Magic teacher. Being a professional martial artist requires a lot of time, energy, blood and sweat. Dr. Lake is an integral part of my recovery, and has allowed me to sustain my training at the highest levels possible. 



What is Baguazhang?

Baguazhang (Eight Trigram Palm) is a Martial Art who's creation is attributed to Dong Hai Chuan who studied many styles of martial arts throughout his life and synthesized his knowledge and experience with the Esoteric Daoist Arts when he learned the Circle Walking Meditations from a Daoist Monk in the mountains of AnHui Province. He went on to become a imperial guard and tax collector.

The art is known for its Elusive Footwork, Internal Mechanics, Coiling Movements, and Powerful Palm Strikes. Baguazhang is a martial art that is both empowering and liberating to practice as well as beautiful to watch. My teacher had once heard from another master that Baguazhang fighters were also sometimes referred to as "Rolling Thunder Boxers".

The Spinning Cage; what's that about?

When my teacher first explained baguazhang to me, he explained it in the same way his teacher did to him, and his teacher's teacher did to him.

He said, Taijiquan is like a rubber ball, it is neutral and maintains itself. If you land on it you roll off and if you push on it you bounce. Taijiquan is for intelligent people.

Xingyiquan is like a Cannon, it aims and fires and destroys anything in its path. Xingyiquan is for people that want to learn to fight quickly.

Baguazhang is for CrAzY people because it's coiling movements and spiral power make it more difficult to learn. It is like a spinning cage, and it mangles anything that is willing to touch it.

It has the qualities of the Taijiquan in that it maintains internal qualities, but it does so while spinning and swimming through the air while striking like a cannon.

With this in mind, I wanted to teach something special in which the attendees will learn some internal training and learn to maintain it, but also learn the mangling applications of the Baguazhang Fighters.

What should I bring?

Shoes - I recommend ones that have flat souls and no heel-drop. Personally I favor the Reebok Boxing Shoe and Nobull Hightop Trainers.

Pants - Anything that breathes well and you can move comfortably in. I recommend martial art or gi pants. Personally I enjoy pants from buykungfu.com and the kungfu pants or gi pants from Century as they are durable and have a gausset cut to allow for freedom of movement.

Respect and Humbleness - We are here to have a good time, level up, and learn new abilities. Please leave the competitive and know it all attitudes at home. Come with an open mind, ready to learn and interact positively with others.

What should I expect; How Intense is this?

We will focus heavily on discovering internal quality, otherwise known as intrinsic quality, and keeping it through mobilization and while working with others through rolling hands and "four count". We will also be working a lot on circle walking and palm changes. As far as interactions with others, Four Count can seem to be the most "confrontational" but it is a very safe and fun partner practice that you can do four HOURS! 

Overall, the most intensity you will be challenged with is by the conflict within yourself. We will be TRAINING for 6 hours each day and your capacity and endurance of your body and mind will grow from it.

I haven't done baguazhang before but I have done other Martial Arts. Will I be able to follow along?

Absolutely. The goal of this intensive is to enhance you and your individual expression as a martial artist by focusing on neigong, shengong, foundation, footwork, and partner exercises to help you discover something new and resourceful that you can take with you as part of you.

What is Neigong and Shengong?

Nei means Internal or Inside. Gong means application of or skillful use of. Neigong empowers everything. In this Intensive we will be exploring the deeper layers of our body by exercising body, breath, and mind in order to bring about discovery of a type of strength that exist in the body intrinsically and can be cultivated and grown.

Shen means Spirit, Heart/Mind, or can refer to a type of Awareness or Way of Being. Gong, again, means application of or skillful use of. Shengong, Skill of the Spirit, is a type of development that focuses on exploring and applying the non-physical aspects of our being by exercising Attention, Intention, Imagination, and Sensation as a way of orientating yourself with confidence, clarity, intuition, and enhanced perceptual awareness. As you grow in awareness you notice more. When you discover this new terrain then you can begin to navigate it and learn to use it in your martial arts. Shengong enhances "Knowing without Knowing".

Will there be accommodations?

Yes! Accommodations are available at the Pratka Ranch just south of Wharton!

2 Night Stay

(Arrive Friday - Leave Sunday After Training)


1 Night Stay

(Arrive Saturday Morning - Leave Sunday After Training)


7 Night Stay - Baguazhang & Daoism

(Daoist Mysticism Students Only!)


Contact Clay Pratka (He will return messages after New Years)

Email: claypratka@gmail.com

Phone: 979-332-1229


The Seminar is now complete and was a great success! 

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Many Blessings!

About your Baguazhang Instructor

Kelly Ryan Lake is 65th generation Daoist Priest of the Tianshi sect of Zhengyi Daoism and a 81st generation priest of the Shangqing (Maoshan) Tradition of Daoism, Doctor of Medical Qigong Therapy (China), Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of California, and Sifu of Baguazhang and Yang style Taijiquan under Professor Jerry Alan Johnson.

Kelly Ryan Lake is the founder and head abbot of the Temple of Original Thunder, a Daoist Academy that offers instruction locally and online to those seeking to learn Internal Martial Arts, Medical Qigong Therapy, and Esoteric Spiritual Alchemy and Ritual Practice.

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